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Live Dealer Casinos for High Rollers

 Why Play High Roller Roulette?  

High roller casinos are designed for players who tend to bet large sums, who love risk and who, by virtue of the continuous large bets, are guaranteed different types of advantages and special treatments.

A high roller casino focuses primarily on the quality of its players rather than quantity. In gambling and particularly in casino games, a high stakes is someone who wagers large sums of money. The latter often have VIP status in the portals, with dedicated areas and special privileges. High roller casinos focus mainly on fast and high value games, such as roulette, blackjack and poker, which are favorites of big players. In fact, therefore, a high roller casino is a platform dedicated, mainly, to users who hardly deposit less than 500 euros/dollars per week to their account.

Table Limits:
 Min. €0.50/Max €125.000

Play safe 18+ (No UK players)

Table Limits:
Min. €0.50/Max €40.000

Play safe 18+ BeGambleAware.com

Table Limits:
 Min. €1.00 / Max €75.000

Play safe 18+ (No UK players)

Table Limits:
 Min. €0.10 / Max €50.000

Play safe 18+ (No UK players)

Table Limits:
 Min. €0.10/Max €100.000

Play safe 18+ BeGambleAware.com

Table Limits:
 Min €0.10 Max €30.000  

Play safe 18+ (No UK players)


 Are these types of casinos safe?  

It is not difficult to imagine how casino players of this type are very exposed to fraud and scam attempts. Wherever there is a lot of money, it is inevitable that we have to deal with the possibility of finding ourselves in front of unreliable and transparent operators. The first remedy to avoid nasty surprises is to get informed, relying only on high-level operators, with a verifiable curriculum and with high media exposure. On our site you will only find casinos with completely safe and reliable high stakes, to which you can contact without fear of being scammed.

 How to choose a safe high stakes casino?

If you are reading this page, you are already on the right track. As mentioned above, all the high roller casinos featured here are safe and verified. In addition to our opinion and for those who like to be informed in a transversal way, it is still worth focusing, in choosing a good high stakes casino, on the criteria that will be exposed in the following paragraphs.

 Possession of the official license  

To make sure that a casino is safe and transparent the first thing to do is to verify that they have a regular operating license from one the most accredited licensing jurisdictions in the world such as UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Curaçao eGaming Authority. To proceed with the verification, you must connect with the official website of the Licensing authority which governs the gambling sector in the country where the casino is registered and look for the operator of interest. More specifically, it should be accepted that the high roller casino in question actually has an authorization number and that this number coincides with that indicated on the operator's platform. In short, a direct verification, in case of doubts, is always desired and necessary. The possession of the license issued by the above mentioned authorities are decisive, as the Customs and Monopolies Agency grants the game authorization only to those who guarantee the highest safety standards: an element of great value to better evaluate online casinos and keep away from fraud and scams.

 Payment methods  

Players who spend a lot of money on online casinos do not, for any reason, want to be bored with annoying withdrawal and withdrawal fees. For this reason, before registering on a casino with high stakes it is important to make sure of what payment methods are available on the platform and that these methods do not include any kind of commission. High-level high roller casinos always provide the possibility of making payments and withdrawals with credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as using a direct bank transfer system. In addition, electronic wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and above all Paypal are often available, which in recent years has conquered an important market share, thanks to the total security of its technical system and the speed with which, without having to disclose your personal data, incoming and outgoing operations are managed. Finally, again with reference to payments, it is essential to check whether the deposit and withdrawal systems of a high stakes casino provide for a ceiling beyond which it is not possible to continue to pay or withdraw your money.

 Customer support  

Often underestimated by all customers of high roller casinos, and in general by fans of online gaming, customer service is another of the criteria to be considered when choosing a platform of this type. The best online casinos for high roller guarantee the wealthiest customers the security of being able to count on support at any time that can solve any problem quickly and effectively. If, for example, there are problems with receiving a payment, incoming or outgoing, no user in general, and especially no high stakes customer, is pleased to have to struggle to track down a casino employee who can quickly resolve every difficulty and with which it is possible to interface. Before opening an account on a high stakes casino, it is therefore essential to check the customer support service operating hours, the methods (telephone, email, live chat) and the language. Obviously, it is always the case to favor platforms that offer 24/7 support, and with the widest range of contact options possible.

 Promotions and generous bonuses  

The more money a player of a high roller casino will pay into their account, the better the chances of the game portal receiving promotional offers of high value. We are not talking about bonuses of 100 or 200 euros, but of very high offers, which hardly, by economic entity, are below 1000 euros/dollars. On the other hand, it is a basic reciprocity principle whereby higher deposits are followed by a promotional treatment of the same level. Furthermore, it should be noted that high stakes casinos know very well that a bonus of less than 800 - 1000 euros/dollars would not be of great interest to a player of this kind and for this reason, with the intention of keeping it close, they are going in this direction.

 Exclusive prizes  

Among the advantages offered only and exclusively to players who invest significant sums of money on the gaming platforms there is also the possibility of accessing special and completely exclusive prizes and rewards. For example, high roller casinos often invite users of this kind to gala evenings, elegant dinners, class events, during which very attractive prizes are offered, such as cruises, cars or holiday weekends in dream locations. . Also in this case, it is good to inquire before registering on a portal about what are the exclusive benefits expected for the top customers of a platform. It is often not difficult, within the promotional plans of this type of casino, to find detailed descriptions of the prizes dedicated to high-level players.

 Higher odds, bigger wins  

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, advantages offered by high roller casinos is that of being able to play at higher odds, the so-called high stakes. These are tables (usually poker, blackjack or baccarat, but also roulette) where at least 1.000 euros/dollars are needed to sit down to play and which, of course, offer the chance to win really heavy prize pools.

 Conclusion: strong points with the safest high roller casinos  

Opportunity to participate in exclusive events, special bonuses, higher odds, dedicated areas. We have seen together how high roller casinos are designed for those customers who like to play hard. Obviously it is necessary to rely on 100% transparent casinos, to avoid running into unpleasant scams: the casinos mentioned in this site are simply the best of what is currently available now online.

Enjoy and have a great time with them!
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