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The unique and original, the one for professionals!

Il metodo per roulette Van Dorn si basa su una incredibile sequenza matematica per vincere alla roulette, che non è mai stata davvero divulgata apertamente dai pochi giocatori professionisti che hanno la fortuna di conoscerlo. Alcuni personaggi cercano addirittura di vendere il metodo via internet, ma nessuno potrà mai dire se sia quello vero oppure una bufala. Qui, sul sito di Mr-Roulette abbiamo invece deciso di divulgarlo gratuitamente perchè abbiamo avuto la fortuna di sapere come davvero giocare e la possibilità pratica di constatare la effettiva bontà di codesta strategia di gioco.

The Van Dorn Roulette Method is based on an incredible mathematical sequence for winning at roulette, which has never really been openly disclosed by the few professional players who are fortunate enough to know it. Some people even try to sell the method via the internet, but no one will ever be able to say whether it is the real one or a hoax. Here, on the Mr-Roulette website, we have instead decided to disclose it for free because we were lucky enough to know how to really play and the practical possibility of ascertaining the actual goodness of this gaming strategy.


If you are passionate about roulette and really have the perspicacity to understand and put into practice the strategy of the Van Dorn method, you will soon realize that there will not be enough adjectives, such as: CRAZY, INCREDIBLE, FABULOUS and so on, to describe this discovery which was almost certainly missing from the expert player's baggage.


Let's face it, no one really likes playing roulette with complicated and headache-inducing systems, and the Van Dorn method, although not very simple, such as the Martingale system which involves playing with only the doubling of red and black, instead requires pen and paper and a lot of concentration.

In practice, the Van Dorn method allows you to win at roulette using a proven calculation system that gives excellent results after only a few spins from the moment you start playing the sequence. It is not difficult to understand, but for those who have the patience to read what is written to the bottom of this page, they will have a lethal weapon to use in some online casinos where we have tried it, obtaining an excellent winning rate in 97.62% of the games made following a certain mathematical sequence. Seeing is believing!

In any case, we must say that in gambling there is no guarantee of winning for sure and no roulette method can ever be 100% guaranteed to be unbeatable.

What to do to get started

First of all, you need to know that the Van Dorn system must be played on European roulette with one zero, and not on American roulette with two zeros. Before starting to play you need to equip yourself with a sheet of paper and a pen and keep them at hand because these will be necessary tools that will help us take into account the numbers that come out and on which we must then build our relative game strategy, which in any case case, the basis always remains the same.

However, it will have to be implemented based on the numbers that come out from time to time, until the end of the sequence, which invariably coincides with our win, and then starting another new game sequence again.

How to play the Van Dorn method

It seems difficult, due to the detailed explanation, but in reality it is very easy!

Before starting any bet, you need to spin the roulette wheel for 5 spins, taking note of the relevant numbers that come out by writing them on paper. If the same number comes up twice, then we need to do a sixth round, or even a seventh or eighth, until we basically have 5 different numbers to start with. Clear?

Once we have obtained our first five numbers (including zero) we must start making our first bet.

The total number of chips to play for each sequence of the system depends precisely on the 5 numbers that come out freely, and in general from them we will always obtain between 9 and 15 total single numbers on which to place our bet.

Here is an example of 5 free-wheeling numbers and how to obtain the numbers to play:

4 - 9 - 11 - 28 - 36

Intorno a ognuno dei suddetti numeri non bisogna fare altro che aggiungere al numero uscito il numero matematico che lo precede e il numero matematico che lo segue, giocandoli tutti e tre!!!

Around each of the aforementioned numbers all you have to do is add to the number that comes out the mathematical number that precedes it and the mathematical number that follows it, playing all three!!!

In practice, for example, zero precedes the number 1, the number 1 precedes the 2, the number 3 precedes the 4, the number 4 precedes the 5, and so on... - You just need to know how to count like in elementary school to understand, at least I hope: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11....................

The same goes for the following number: for example, the number 6 follows the 5, the number 7 follows the 6, the number 8 follows the 7, and so on... - Even clearer? For example, what mathematical number follows 25? Obviously 26. What number follows 32? Obviously the 33rd.

Now, however, let's move on to the example of the 5 numbers in red listed above, which we presume came out after the famous first 5 empty spins (without having bet) on the roulette wheel.

So how do we play in this case?

Just as explained above, to each of the numbers we add the mathematical number that precedes it and the one that follows it!

  • In the case of number 4 you have to play the numbers 3-4-5
  • In the case of the number 9 you have to play the numbers 8-9-10
  • In the case of the number 11 you have to play the numbers 10-11-12 (the number 10 having already come out first, you skip it)
  • In the case of the number 28 you have to play the numbers 27-28-29
  • In the case of the number 36 you have to play the numbers 35-36-0

Therefore, in the aforementioned case the total number of numbers to play is 14, and so are the chips to be placed on each number.
The system requires that "0" is also played as it is an integral part of the numbers in European/French roulette.

If you lose the first round you have to replay the same numbers without needing to double. (This is for the simple reason that even by playing the 14 numbers x2 again for a total of 28 chips, if one of the following numbers comes out we will win 36 chips and we will always have 8 chips won!)
However, if you also lose this second bet, then you have to start doubling by playing 28 chips.
If you also lose the third bet you will still have to continue doubling by playing 56 chips.
Then continue by always doubling the previous bet until you win.

Afterwards, continue playing a new sequence based on the last 5 numbers released, always implementing it as described above.

How many double bets do you have to make on average before you get a win?

In the casinos listed below which were tested for this purpose, it was found that within 2-3 spins in 89.25% of cases a win was achieved!

It is obvious that there is no guarantee when it comes to gambling, although this system has been positively tested on a personal level by the person writing this.

€100 + 300 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

+ Up to $1.500
Play safe 18+

€500 + 200 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

In the limiting case of max. 5 spins from the start of the first bet you get a win in 97.62% of cases!!!

Everyone is obviously free to try to play the method wherever they want, but the software algorithms will certainly no longer be the same as those we found and therefore the final result will remain an unknown.

Interesting to know that some roulette wheels have a "Quick Spin" option for those who like this feature.

In any case, it is best not to overdo it and remember that casinos don't like players who win big, but chickens who have to be plucked every day and who have no experience or valid gaming strategy. This is why it is extremely important to play with some self-control, lest you end up "flagged" under the radar of the casino accounting department. The basic rule in online casinos is not to exceed €500 for each withdrawal request on any winnings that you may obtain, but to keep a low profile and thus try not to "annoy" the managers who issue the payments.

Furthermore and unfortunately, more and more online casinos are equipping themselves with the STS-EGSE software, which has the task of reporting to them those players who stubbornly and continuously adopt gaming systems that are particularly harmful to the finances of the gaming house, and to whom they can send a nice message of closing the account as a no longer welcome customer...

However, when you are lucky enough to win frequently, in order to prevent the above from happening, it is also advisable not to play only and always the same system in the same casino, but to vary the game every now and then, perhaps playing in some other section of the site , than changing casinos for a few days.

Pro: The Van Dorn method is perfect for playing in online casinos, but from a quiet place and without being in a hurry as it requires a certain amount of attention and concentration.

Cons: The system works well, as long as you have sufficient capital, therefore a large supply of chips/tokens given that there may be sequences where we need to make fairly large doubles. Therefore, the Van Dorn method is particularly suitable for those who want to do things seriously and have adequate financial resources. It is no coincidence that this method is used by professional roulette players.

Tip: It is advisable to start with low stakes as you will have to put between 9 and 15 chips into play from the first bet.
Practical tips to keep in mind:

  • The game is prohibited for children under 18 years of age
  • Never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose
  • Don't just always play at the same online casino
  • Register only and always with your real data, without making mistakes, so as to avoid problems in collecting your winnings
  • If you can, try to take advantage of any welcome bonuses offered to new customers. This way you will play with the casino's money sooner and keep yours safe
  • If you miss a day, don't worry about wanting to make up for everything right away. Stop! The next day will definitely be better

Van Dorn Method | System to win at online roulette

The publisher assumes no responsibility for any use other than educational, regarding the application of the system contained in this site, and does not in any way want to promote gambling addiction. We do not promise and DO NOT guarantee winnings to anyone and therefore no financial guarantees are given. If you decide to apply the information to play for real money, you remain solely responsible for the performance of your account, and by reading what is published here implies acceptance of these terms.

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