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Also known as "Parley Roulette System".

Despite no one knows who Paroli actually was, this is an amazing roulette strategy for players who prefer to bet small, but like to attempt to build a winning streak to a massive bundle!

As opposed to other betting systems, such as the Martingale, where you increase your bet after each loss hoping to recover all your money, with the Paroli strategy instead you increase your bet after each win!
The systems where you increase your bet after a loss are called negative betting systems, while those where you increase your bet after a win are called positive betting systems.

The systems where you increase your bets after each loss only make you small amounts, and at the same time expose the player to the danger of reaching the maximum amount that is possible to bet on the table, as set by each casino, as opposed to the Paroli system where instead you can win big just by doubling your "winning" bets. Furthermore, it is you the player who decideds how and when to increase the bets, as per the following example:

You bet €10, €20, €40, €80, €160 in a winning progression. In the simples form, you started with €10 and cashed €160 which means a net profit of €150 with a starting bet of only €10! Not bad at all.

At the end of the above sequence you go back to the beginning and start again with a €10 bet or any other stake you like.

The Paroli system is played on even bets, which means they pay 1:1 such as red or black, even / odd, 1-18 or 19-36

Pros: The Paroli system is very easy to play and can give big wins starting with relatively low risk bets.

Cons: It is not easy to stop on time when you are on a lucky winning streak.

Suggestion: It is highly recommendable to double your bets maximum three consecutive times in a winning progression, and then start again from the beginning.

+ Up to $1.500
Play safe 18+

€500 + 200 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

€100 + 300 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe
Practical tips to keep in mind:

  • Gambling is forbidden to people under 18 years of age
  • Never gamble for money you can't afford to lose
  • Don't play just and always at the same online casino
  • Register only and always with your real data, without making mistakes, so as to avoid problems in collecting your winnings
  • If you can, try to take advantage of any welcome bonus offered to new customers. This way you will play with casino money first and keep yours safe
  • If you lose a day don't worry about wanting to recover everything right away. Stop! The next day will definitely be better


The publisher assumes no responsibility for any use other than educational, regarding the application of the system contained in this site, and does not in any way want to promote gambling addiction. We do not promise and DO NOT guarantee winnings to anyone and therefore no financial guarantees are given. If you decide to apply the information to play for real money, you remain solely responsible for the performance of your account, and by reading what is published here implies acceptance of these terms.
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