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The Pivot system is one of those roulette strategies that has several successful players that follow it, (including us at roulette-experts.com) and is an excellent alternative to the negative progression systems where the player has to double the bet in case of loss. This is a roulette betting system for anyone who likes to try to obtain steady and constant winnings, but without exposing too much capital. You do not really need much, but you need to have a decent reserve as your "financial insurance" just in case you hit a bad run in some unlucky occasions. As we all know, any game of chance is never secure 100% and the Pivot system is not any different, but because of real proven mathematical statistics, this betting strategy has one gear more than others when attempting to win against roulette, any roulette, online, land-based or on a cruise ship.

How to play the Pivot Roulette System

Let's start by saying that the strategy is played only and exclusively as an inside bet, which means on straight numbers on the roulette table.

The player needs to observe the game for some time without betting.

It is a certain mathematical fact that in a hypothetical cycle of 36 spins, not all numbers come out once, some repeat themselves twice, three or more times.

Therefore, the system consists in putting the first of the numbers released for the second time into play - that's the Pivot number - and playing it for a complete cycle in the hope that a third one will come out, as in most cases does!

Just as in the following example:

2 , 33, 12, 30, 7, 21, 4, 15, 12, 19

As you can clearly see, the number 12 has repeated itself twice, and that is your "Pivot number" on which to start betting for a cycle of 36 spins.

If the number on which you bet comes out, the roulette game pays 1:36 which means 36 times the value of your bet. Of course, the sooner your Pivot number appears again, the more money you can make out of the 36 spins cycle. For example, if your Pivot number appears just on the 36th spin, the last one, you end up by winning back all your 36 chips and therefore you are back to your initial capital. If your Pivot number doesn't appear in the said cycle, you are in deficit and therefore at a loss.

What about if you win half way?

As we have said above, the earlier the Pivot number comes out again, the more you win. If for example the Pivot number appears on the 15th spin after you start betting, then you''ll win your 36 units, but minus the 15 units already played, you will have gained 21 units. At this stage, STOP the game and start a new cycle again by observing the roulette wheel and find another Pivot number.

Pros: The Pivot system is very easy to play and is supported by mathematical statistics.

Cons: With this type of system it is difficult to fix a final goal in units to be won. It can happen that in a couple of cycles your Pivot numbers don't come out.

Suggestion: For this type of system a capital of 108 pieces (36x3) is required. The game might be slow when played at land-based casinos, but at online casinos you can choose the "Turbo" option, if it's available with your chosen roulette.

+ Up to $1.500
Play safe 18+

€500 + 200 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

€100 + 300 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe
Practical tips to keep in mind:

  • Gambling is forbidden to people under 18 years of age
  • Never gamble for money you can't afford to lose
  • Don't play just and always at the same online casino
  • Register only and always with your real data, without making mistakes, so as to avoid problems in collecting your winnings
  • If you can, try to take advantage of any welcome bonus offered to new customers. This way you will play with casino money first and keep yours safe
  • If you lose a day don't worry about wanting to recover everything right away. Stop! The next day will definitely be better


The publisher assumes no responsibility for any use other than educational, regarding the application of the system contained in this site, and does not in any way want to promote gambling addiction. We do not promise and DO NOT guarantee winnings to anyone and therefore no financial guarantees are given. If you decide to apply the information to play for real money, you remain solely responsible for the performance of your account, and by reading what is published here implies acceptance of these terms.
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