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Complete Guide on How to Win at Live Roulette: Secrets and Winning Strategies

Here's how to beat live roulette at online casinos with live dealers

Can you beat live roulette?

The answer is yes. But with reservations.

As with all games of chance, it must be admitted that luck undoubtedly remains one of the main factors in winning. Both land-based and online casinos are designed to make a profit for the casino and not the player, and this is also the case with the queen of casino games, roulette.

As perhaps everyone knows, this game has the mathematical hope in its favor that thanks to the 2.7% advantage over European roulette, it allows casinos to make a long-term profit over most players, while American roulette produces the casino about 5.3% of the total played. From these data it is immediately clear that it is mathematically "easier and more convenient" for the bettor to make a profit by playing European roulette, both in live casinos and electronic roulette. But the things to know do not end here.

Now we are about to reveal to you a secret that will put you in a position to fight almost on equal terms with the croupier, and that is the following:

To be able to play almost on equal terms with casinos or croupiers at live tables, it would be even better if the casino had a table with French roulette and the so-called "La Partage" or Partager rule where the advantage for the casino it even reduces to 1.35% thus making the game less difficult for the player.

Another strategy to follow is to prefer the game outside the table, so not on numbers, but on red and black or even and odd. Of course, here you earn less, but you also risk less. Here, however, we must not rely much on the previous colour that came out , because even if the same colour, let's say the red, has already been released 10 times in a row you obviously think that the moment of black has arrived, but instead it is not so. Roulette is mechanical and certainly does not remember the color or numbers previously issued. Every spin is a story in itself and the past is to be forgotten immediately.

If you really like playing with numbers, then perhaps you should study the PIVOT system that can be found on the specific page of this website. The risk with this strategy is quite calculated and nothing has to do with those fools who play huge sums on a single number. If you want you can expand to play on two or three numbers at the same time, but not more.

Furthermore, if you really want to bet on the numbers, take care to place also some type of outside bets such as red/black, odd/even or 1/18-19/36 as previously explained.

One advantage of playing live online casino roulette is certainly the one offered by the tranquility of our home, avoiding distractions like in a real land-based casino. Therefore, if you feel like stopping for 10-15 minutes, move away from the computer and come back when you want, if you feel relaxed. The croupier will have no complaints and you don't have to justify yourself to anyone.

We started this article talking about luck which, even if it is always welcome, it would be useful to know how to play with some precise strategy to be learned preferably by heart and even if there are no 100% mathematically sure systems to win at live roulette, some should be taken into serious consideration. In the "Systems" section of this website some of the most valid methods that have been invented by the best mathematical minds of both the past and the present era are published and are available free of charge to be used at will.

Among the absolute best methods to win at live roulette we point out the following:

The easiest method of all is undoubtedly the MARTINGALE system where you play only on red and black, or even and odd.

Immediately following is the MARTINPLUS system which is played exclusively on red and black.

So, don't fall into the trap of buying one of the many roulette systems sold on the internet by fixers. At the limit, you could try some method based exclusively on the personal experience of some gambler who has decided to disclose his experience via the internet, but NEVER buy a system by spending your own money!

Unfortunately most live casinos do not offer the possibility to play French Roulette with the "La Partage" feature, but the few that do, don't really like to advertise this special feature of French Roulette too much. In any case, following are some of the best live dealer casinos with "La Partage".

Here are the 10 best strategies for winning at live roulette:

1. Knowing the rules of the game well is essential before starting to play.
Knowing the rules of the game well is essential in any game and the same goes for both live and electronic roulette. I know you still don't know exactly what they are, here's where you can learn how to play roulette and find all the rules of the game Click here.

2. Choose a quiet place where you can concentrate without distractions before starting to play.
Finding a quiet place without distractions is essential to concentrate better when playing live roulette in online casinos. Look for a comfortable environment, perhaps with soft lights and silence around you. Make sure you have everything you need on hand and relax before you start.

3. Take advantage of special live casino bonuses reserved for new players.
Some online casinos reserve special welcome bonuses for those who want to play live roulette with live dealers. These bonuses can help you play with a bankroll larger than your capital deposited when opening the account or in some cases even for subsequent deposits. Once you arrive on the casino site these bonuses are usually found in the "Live Casino" section or on the "Promotions" page.

Among the best live casinos for roulette players are the following:

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4. The best times to play live roulette.
Some roulette professionals are ready to swear by it. Playing live tables during busy hours can increase your chances of winning. The best times to play live roulette at live dealer online casinos often depend on your personal preferences and the availability of the games. However, many people find that the evening hours, when there is a greater turnout of players, can be not only particularly exciting and offer a more lively atmosphere, but also the best in terms of chances of winning at roulette. This fact, however, is somewhat subjective, but let's take it as advice not to be underestimated.

5. Try the Pivot system, one of the most popular among roulette players.
The Pivot system is one of the systems that you absolutely need to know if you want to play roulette in general, but which becomes even more important when playing live roulette. It is quite easy to play and only requires attention in counting the number of plays made. To learn how to play the Pivot system Click here.

6. Always start with low stakes.
Always start by playing live roulette with low stakes and gradually increase them. Starting with low stakes in live roulette is a wise strategy to become familiar with the game and increase your chances of success. You must first try, practice and gain experience before betting higher sums.

7. Stay calm and patient, without rushing.
One of the worst mistakes you can make when playing live roulette is rushing. With a relaxed mindset, you can make more informed decisions and fully enjoy the gaming experience. Therefore, if you don't have enough time it is absolutely not advisable to start playing. Better to postpone everything to a better time.

8. Change tables after an hour of playing to avoid tiredness and loss of concentration.
Not playing at the same roulette table for over 60 minutes is an unwritten rule but one that should be adhered to. If we really like the roulette we are playing in, we still need to stop and relax for a while and then perhaps return to the same thing calmly. Changing tables after an hour is a smart strategy to keep your concentration and mental freshness high during the game. And if we are fond of a particular table, we can always take a relaxing break before returning with new energy.

9. Avoid distractions, whether they come from the beautiful female or male croupiers.
In land-based casinos, the distractions emanating from the noises in the room, from the other players, from the free drinks offered by the service staff are undoubtedly all elements that contribute significantly to distracting the players. In online casinos, however, this distraction could come from the beautiful croupiers who sometimes make players think of something else instead of the game itself. So pay attention to this element and focus on the game instead!

10. Stopping when you are ahead, knowing how to manage your winnings is essential.
In the game of roulette you have to know how to stop in time when you win. It is essential to know how to manage your winnings and have self-control throughout the time you spend at the table. Even better if you have the ability to set a limit, both to your winnings and to any losses. Gambling professionals do not get excited when they win, nor do they hold grudges when they lose. This element should be an integral part of our long-term gaming strategy.

Therefore, it is worth repeating that although it is impossible to systematically defeat roulette (due to the advantage of the casinos), this however does not mean that frequent winnings are unachievable or that beating online casinos is not within our reach. Of course it's possible to beat roulette and online casinos, including live tables with croupiers!

As explained previously, there are some precautions that can help us win at live roulette if you have the patience and foresight to put them into practice. Even if not on equal terms, at least they allow us to increase the chances of winning in online casinos compared to those who are totally naive. Therefore, the indications and advice listed above should be the basis from which to have a positive gaming experience in online casinos with live dealers.

Furthermore, by virtue of what has already been said above, it is better to play French roulette, with simple and fast systems with which to place your bets.

The beauty of playing roulette in live online casinos is that unlike land-based casinos, the croupier does not look you in the eye and while doing his job he does not intimidate you for any reason, and on top of that there are no noises and various distractions as in real casinos, which could actually distract the player.

Since online casinos have brought about a real revolution in the gambling sector, you shouldn't get carried away with the game just because you can easily have fun from home at any time of day or night. Our advice is always to play in moderation and above all not to gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Good luck and may the roulette wheel bring you great victories!

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