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100% Proven Roulette System

and how I went from being a losing player to winner!


Can you really win and earn at online casinos roulette?

The answer is yes, if you play with method and in the right casinos.

But having the best system to win at online roulette is not enough, if the casinos in which you play are "set by law" to make you lose, as in the case of what I discovered. So, if you're already wondering:

  • How can you win at roulette?
  • What are the best online casinos where to play roulette?
  • Do online casinos really pay winning players?
  • How can you cash in with confidence?

Well, keep reading and in no time you will understand how the undersigned wins, and you will have the answer to the aforementioned questions.

ATTENTION - The author of this method does not promote in any way gambling in countries where it is prohibited. The information on this page is based solely on the personal experience of the writer who, together with the mentioned sites, cannot be held responsible for any losses resulting from the use of the method indicated below. No financial guarantee is therefore granted and by reading the following it implies the acceptance of these terms.
My gambler story started almost by chance in 2013, following a free 50 €/$  voucher I received via email from an online casino when I didn't know the industry yet. Not being at the time an expert in games of chance, obviously I lost everything in a short time to the various games I tried.

But then I started to get curious about this fascinating and dangerous world of gambling, being bombarded also by the publicity that at the time was raging both on TV and on the soccer fields, (accomplices the governments that earn a lot from the taxes on gambling), I decided I wanted to understand more. Also having the economic possibility to do it, I started to register in various online casinos.

Among the various games of chance, the one that has always intrigued me and fascinated me the most is just the roulette, and I would NEVER have imagined that from this I could one day earn real money, which I continue to do regularly.

The passion for the game is not enough, and in order to win against the various roulette, over the years, I have studied and analyzed various systems, many of which made me lose money, while others work partially, except one that works best of all and that I've been lucky enough to find out through my studies. Precisely this is the method that I have decided to reveal FREE to those who will have the luck to land on this page, with the hope that by doing so, the undersigned can help those who continue to play roulette and lose money, exactly as I did, and turn them into winning roulette players.

My negative experience in some famous online casinos

For several years the undersigned has definitely moved with the whole family abroad, and for this reason I was able to make an assessment of why, when I was in my country, I could not win as I do now that I play in totally different online casinos.

Based on my careful research, I could understand that by playing the same system I still use at roulette, in many famous online casinos such as: William Hill, Betfair, Bet365, Unibet and others, even if at the beginning I won, then in the long run I lost almost everything for some mysterious reason. Instead now, it's quite a few years I have been winning regularly, especially in the long term, and I continue to collect my frequent winnings without any problems!

Reason? Most likely, online casino games are set by law (therefore in agreement with the authorities of the various countries where they operate) to pay a certain percentage to players, beyond which they cannot go. In English it is called RTP (Return To Player) and that is the percentage of the total bets that each game pays / returns to the player, after having obviously withheld a percentage for the casino, the revenue, from which the gambling house must also pay tax before finally being able to withhold its net income. Well, I have the distinct feeling that in many cases everything is studied in a diabolical way to make the player win as little as possible. Will my case be an isolated one? I do not believe it.

The thing is, since I figured out which are the online casinos that:

  • Are more hungry for players' money
  • Have long interminable series of the same color at roulette
  • Find various excuses for not paying their winnings quickly
  • Close the player's account when you continuously win

my life as an online player has dramatically improved.

My roulette winning system is just the SAME that I used to play at casinos where I was a loser, with the difference that at the online casinos where I currently play and have been registered for a few years, I win 93.7% of the times I play !!!

However, since the casinos in question do not have the specific gaming license for our country, they are considered illegal by our authorities, that do everything to prevent these casinos from being present on the national territory, sometimes obscuring their IP addresses and other similar things. The sites where I currently play are instead excellent online casinos that have the gaming license issued in countries such as: Curaçao, Malta, Gibraltar, etc. - so perfectly legal on an international level, and that in addition to paying taxes in the country where they have their registration / license - they are happy to accept players from most countries in the world. That's all.

And what about player security in foreign online casinos?

In those where the undersigned plays, no problem at all. There is no need to make any downloads, and they all have software with the highest levels of security, also and above all in financial transactions. In fact, so far I have always been paid quickly using the services of so-called electronic wallets such as SKRILL and NETELLER.

It is enough to say that, if an online casino receives various complaints from players, if they turn to the authorities who have granted them remote gaming authorization, the casino risks losing the license if it does not resolve the case and / or pay the winnings due to players! There is little to joke about with legal online gaming in most countries in the world.

My online roulette winning system

It's been ultra-tested for years, and if applied exactly as explained below, it gives the best if played in the same online casinos where the undersigned plays.

What you are about to learn is the equivalent of an almost automatic money-making machine, obtaining extraordinary repeat winnings, provided you have a decent initial capital for the first deposit.

I feel bad when I read about gamblers who lose by playing roulette and are screwed by online casinos. So consider this your rescue and get pen and paper. But don't worry, the system is so easy!

In fact, this is a simple winning roulette strategy that involves playing only on red and black. But it is NOT the simple method of doubling called Martingale! The system is instead a variant elaborated by the undersigned. Therefore, it is not necessary to play on any of the 36 numbers inside the game table!
Here's how to play to win

Starting from a relatively low bet value (of your choice), you start the sequence by focusing on the 1st bet on red and then proceed as follows:

Only and always like this. NEVER change the color sequence.

If you win the 1st (first) bet on red, then you will have to bet the same amount on the black and so on, following the sequence.

If, instead you lose the first bet on red, then you must double the bet value on black, being the second color in the sequence.

If you also lose this 2nd (second) bet, you must again double the value of this on the 3rd third bet which is on the red, and so on, following the sequence of colors, until you win.

Immediately after winning, restart with the minimum initial bet on the color that follows in the sequence.

During the game it is advisable to have the game sequence written on a sheet of paper to avoid "getting lost" in the scheme.

If this happens, I suggest you always start again from the first bet of the sequence.

This is an "almost" infallible system if played at the online casinos listed here:

As already amply explained above, over the years I have played the system in many online casinos, but where it does best it is definitely in those where I play now.

In fact, these do not have the "defect" of having long series of the same color, although it must be borne in mind that sometimes (rarely) it may happen to attend the release of a sequence of max. 5 times the same color! Never more.

This is why it is advisable to have sufficient capital to cope with these rare occurrences.

Practical tips to keep in mind:

  • The game is forbidden to people under 18 years
  • Never play money that you can't afford to lose
  • Do not play only and always at the same online casino, but sign up for more than one and alternate them during the week
  • Register only and always with your real data, without making mistakes, so as to avoid problems when collecting the winnings
  • Don't be greedy in wanting to win a lot in the same casino. Once you win 500 €/$ in a two-hour game session, I suggest you stop
  • If you can, try to make a substantial first deposit in order to take advantage of any welcome bonus offered to new customers. By doing this you will play with the casino money first and keep yours safe
  • If you lose a day do not worry about wanting to win by force. Stop! The following day will certainly be better as in 90% of times my system wins! At least, this is what happens to me.

All that remains from me is to wish you good luck!



How to connect to a foreign site in the event of blockage or obscuration of the site by the authorities of one's own country

Should the above happen, don't worry and don't have panic attacks. The solution is very simple. Just change your IP address with a foreign one every time you play and... the trick is done. No one notices and you play from your home exactly as if you were abroad! There are a myriad of sites that offer this type of service and to find them do a Google search like: "How to change IP address"

An easy, free and very effective solution is the service offered by SetupVPN (in English) at the following web address:

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